100% UV Treated Pure Water Cleaning System

Our pure water cleaning system utilises a 6 Stage Water treatment process to produce pure laboratory graded water.

Stage 1: Sediment filter.We use 5 micron Sediment Poly Pro Filters, for the removal of sediments, dirt, sand and rust.

Stage 2: Carbon filter:Used for chlorine removal, and other heavy metal and contaminent removal.

Stage 3: GAC filter: (Granular Activated Carbon) water flows through a bed of activated carbon granules which trap some particulate matter and remove chlorine, organic contaminants, chemicals, and undesirable tastes and odours

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis. The RO membrane has a tight pore structure (less than 0.0001 micron or 500,000 times less than the diameter of a human hair) that effectively removes up to 99% of all contaminants and impurities such as total dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from the water. Anti-microbial filters used in Reverse Osmosis also help to remove unwanted odors, colors and tastes from water.

Stage 5: Deionization:

Deionization is the removal of mineral ions by using the ion exchange process. Using a mixed bed of anion and cation resins ions, salts and minerals can be entirely removed from water.
When a DI filter is used after the RO membrane, you can expect 100% removal of the TDS (minerals) in the water resulting in 000ppm (Parts Per Million)

The average tap water shows a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of 350ppm (Parts Per Million)although safe for drinking, this water cannot be used on its own to clean and would not have the cleaning qualities of pure water. Our pure water has a TDS reading of 000ppm.

Stage 6: Ultraviolet treatment:

UV treatment makes the water completly safe and steril which also gives the water a shine that will rival any other pure water cleaning system!
UV Water Purification systems use special lamps that emit UV light of a particular wavelength that have the ability, based on their length, to disrupt the DNA of micro-organisms. These UV light waves are also referred to as the Germicidal Spectrum or Frequency. The frequency used in killing micro-organisms is 254 nanometers (nm). As water passes through a UV water treatment system, living organisms in water are exposed to UV light which attacks the genetic code of the microorganism and rearranges the DNA /RNA, eliminating the microorganism's ability to function and reproduce. If a microorganism can no longer reproduce, it cannot replicate, therefore it cannot infect other organisms with which it has contact. This process of exposing water to UV light is simple but effective, destroying 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms without adding any chemicals to water.

What can I expect?

The pure water is then heated on demand from our van, we can control the temperature as needed. So, there will not be any problems with water getting too hot, or cooling down too much as the working day progresses, the pure water is then pumped to poles specially designed for cleaning, the brushes on the pole are a soft non scratch bristle manufactured for the cleaning trade.

Pure water wants to be dirty again! When applied to a surface using one of our extending poles, it attracts dirt like a magnet, without the need for detergent. Any dried-on dirt is scrubbed off using our soft brushes. Once the dirt has been removed the pure water must be left on to dry naturally. Don't worry, this is normal. Please do not try and dry the surface yourself as this will result in the cleaning process to fail. The surface must be left to dry naturally. Because the water is so pure it will dry crystal clear. Our pure water cannot cause limescale as all limescale causing minerals have been removed.